Book Recommendations

Welcome to Book Recommendations! This is a blog for people to submit what they recommend!I will be submitting my own recs but really hope to get submissions.

Recommend anything you've liked! Even if you've just started it or are in the middle and are excited and want to shout it out - Recommend! All I need is the title and author, and if you want, tags. I'll find the pic for it and post it.

I will post everything submitted, even if someone else submitted it earlier.

I've started a TAG OF THE DAY! (Sept 1, 2014) I'll give a suggested tag to help inspire people to submit recommendations.

Books that are recommended will be listed with who rec'd them, whether it's a tumblr user or anon.

I will also reblog other people's posts on books to spread the recs.

Thanks for stopping by and send me your recs!

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Chromosome 6 by Robin Cook
Book rec by moderator

Chromosome 6 by Robin Cook

Book rec by moderator


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