Book Recommendations

Welcome to Book Recommendations! I will be submitting my own recs but also hope to get submissions from other people for me to post.


Please only post books you have read. I will post everything submitted except the following which will get rejected:

-Anything that's sole purpose is ADULT material
-Anything that's sole purpose is a message of hate
(if I discover something I put up is hateful, I will delete it)

And ANY of the Harry Potter series OR Twilight Series. WHY? Because everyone has already heard of these books.

Books that are recommended will be listed with who rec'd them, whether it's a tumblr user or anon.

I am hoping later to have the books sorted into different categories so that people can find recs in the genre they are looking for with ease.

I will also reblog time to time people's posts on books or book sets, to spread the recs.

Also I hope this will be a way for people to meet other people who love the same books.

Thanks for stopping by and send me your recs!

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Chromosome 6 by Robin Cook
Book rec by moderator

Chromosome 6 by Robin Cook

Book rec by moderator


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