Book Recommendations

Welcome to Book Recommendations! I will be submitting my own recs but also hope to get submissions from other people for me to post.

Please only post books you have read.

I will post everything submitted except the following:
-Anything that's sole purpose is ADULT material
-Anything that's sole purpose is a message of hate

Books that are recommended will be listed with who rec'd them, whether it's a tumblr user or anon.

I will also reblog time to time people's posts on books or book sets, to spread the recs.

Also I hope this will be a way for people to meet other people who love the same books. Thanks for stopping by and send me your recs!

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howthetruthgetsintheway said: One of my favorite books is The Outsiders, and I was wondering if there are any other books about Greasers out there that you (or anyone else) might know about.

Thanks for the submission! I personally can’t remember any others that I’ve read, does anyone have a Greaser recommendation?

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Carlene Thompson writes great suspense and plot twists! Check her out!

Carlene Thompson’s Goodreads page

Sleeping Beauty by Phillip Margolin

Book rec by moderator

Hush by Kate White

Book rec by moderator

Kinship With All Life by J. Allen Boone

Book recommendation by moderator

Non-fiction, has great examples of how animals communicate with each other and with people!

The Blind Mirror by Christopher Pike


Book recommendation by moderator

This horror novel is amazing! The twists and turns, the plot! I need to read it again! Love this author BTW

The Blind Mirror at Goodreads

Over 500 followers!

I just realized I now have just over 500 followers! Thank you!

Please recommend books!!! Just put the title and author in the submit and I’ll add the picture. Include tags if you want.

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With the creation of the Oculus Rift project, the idea of virtual reality is moving from something that we could only read about to something we might actually experience within this lifetime. To celebrate this, here’s a collection of our favorite virtual reality books.

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Goodreads Want to Read List


how many books do you guys have on your ‘want to read’ on goodreads?

i have 242 which is quite good for me it used to be so much higher

520 I really need to read some of them!

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apparently one of my favorite authors is down the hall signing books. one lady gave me a physical copy of one of his books
#books #thebookthief


apparently one of my favorite authors is down the hall signing books. one lady gave me a physical copy of one of his books

#books #thebookthief